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May 25, 2009


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CUCIMOC was released today, http://www.markturpin.org/archives/234



Not to offend, but CUCIMOC was real in May when you wrote this. It was in beta testing with select customers prior to it being released. The pictures in the flash demo were of the original conversation pane layout which has changed dramatically as a result of the beta testing.

Just because something isn't publicly available doesn't mean it isn't real - it just meant Cisco didn't want to make something available that wasn't ready for prime time yet.... Hence the testing period.

Certainly the marketing people want to get the word out though :) That's why you hear about it before it is released... Building the excitement!


Kevin Kieller

Hi Mark,

A few days before I wrote the above post I had just visited the Cisco offices and asked if a) they had CUCIMOC in their demo centre? b) if any of them had seen CUCIMOC?

These were pretty senior people I was asking and the answer to both questions was "no". They had only seen a slide deck and a Powerpoint demo.

I see on your blog (www.markturpin.org) you have posted some screen shots of the CUCIMOC install which is great.

I would love to see what the interface looks like when you are able to sign into OCS. It will likely take me a while to get this setup in one of our labs so we can test it out.

I still feel that this type of integration is likely to be hard for Cisco to keep up as Microsoft changes the OC client. For instance, the tab interface has changed in OCS R2 -- conspiracy theorists would suggest Microsoft did this to break this type of integration.

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