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January 24, 2010


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Hi there,

it was always a good question for me, what the purpose of such an exam would be.

You pass this specific exam, only if you have approx. 1 year -or more!- of realworld experience, as there is 0 study content available, and a significant part of the exam is about troubleshooting stupid (=not trivial) issues. So no other way than real knowledge can help you take this exam.

But! You can only become an expert if you do real-world projects. Labs are only useful to become familiar with the product, but in such a sterile and ideal environment the "great" stupidities of OCS will never pop-up, opposed it always (100% of the time) happens at customer site. And customer most of the time demands certified engineer, as an assurance he will not mess their production AD.

Summary: so how should you become a certified expert, if you have to be an expert to become an expert? :)

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