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December 19, 2017


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Hey Dino, I am pretty surprised Msoft doesn't do this in the DB update....good of you to point this out. At least this version allows a bit more of drill-down. I recall that we had one customer ask for the ability to allow the end-user to turn this feature off/hide it (turned on by default, user told it helps the company but they do have the option to not see/answer it)....any thoughts on that? I'd expect not but figured I'd ask. Thanks again-

Jason Skyberg

Hey Dino. Thanks for the informative article. However, I have expanded the tokendefs in SQL but getting the old list offered to the client. Is there anything that needs to be done to "activate" this list? I'm 100% OnPrem with a paired EE Pool. I have updated both pools.

Dino Caputo

Jason, in my experience the client also needs to be updated to show the newer values. Update one to the latest version and see if that helps.

Dino Caputo

You can control how often the client sees the rate my call or turn it off completely

To change frequency use Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity [PolicyIdentity] -RateMyCallDisplayPercentage 50

To turn off or on use

Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity [PolicyIdentity] -RateMyCallAllowCustomUserFeedback $False

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